New Year New Goals

As many of us do, we create a list of our new goals for the year. But how many of us actually follow through for the entire 12 months? I am not only talking about dieting. It could be pay off a car loan, or save for a vacation. Unfortunately our goals may not always account for life’s curve balls.

2022 was definitely a year of change. I took a huge risk when I had to move my business suddenly, and decided to move to a new county. I needed a location that allowed us to grow and a parking lot that did too! Well after several months of painting and construction, we finally feel comfortable in our new building. We now have a new space that gives a more personal experience. Separate rooms for each service allow us to customize the setting. We now have a pedicure lounge, a wellness pedicure room with state of the art chairs for your comfort, manicure room, and massage/waxing room. In the coming months we will be adding another treatment room for permanent makeup.

2023 is a year I welcome. I have built the location, have a talented, educated team and now I blog to share updates and bring a smile to your day. I hope to encourage you to take time out and pamper yourself throughout the year, regardless of the curve balls.